Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Call for Submissions

What would you like to contribute?

Call for submissions now open for APC14

Submissions are now open for presentations, workshops and program contributions during APC14.

The APC 14 organising committee extends an invitation to all permies, young and old, experienced and just starting out to share ideas, passions, experience, stories, creativity and commitment to a better world through permaculture at APC 14 in Canberra.

Presentations, panels, workshops, activities, performance, posters, video, art work and any other forms of expression on all aspects of permaculture are welcome.

Submit a half page abstract outlining your ideas to the selection panel which will review all submissions and choose those that will complement each other and provide balance, depth and spread to discussion on the theme of the convergence.

The overall theme for APC14 is Connectivity. The permaculture flower is used to guide sub-themes
The seven domains are as follows (more detail is provided on the sub-theme for submissions page):

Land and Nature Stewardship
Land Tenure and Community Governance
Built Environment
Tools and Technology
Culture and Education
Health and Wellbeing
Economics and Finance.
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2 Responses

  1. Marina Bistrin

    Hi – I’m interested in sharing the use of coffee husks mixed with coffee grounds for composting – another resource that is usually being thrown into landfill. I also use clay slurry and have a method that doesn’t require turning – just set and forget. it’takes longer, but i think it’s interesting. it would only take half an hour and i can bring some coffee husks with me or they could be sourced from a local coffee roaster.

    1. apc14

      Hello Marina,

      Unfortunately the callout for the convergence is over now. Our program is full.
      But that’s sound really interresting and I invite you to contact the Permaculture festival Team (the festival that happen on the Sunday the day before the convergence at Canberra city farm).

      There a lot of demo had already been programmed and your skills will be for sure really interesting there. please contact Katy on 0406375150 or email


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