Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Regional Menu for APC14


Regional Menu for APC14

We are working with the in-house catering manager to deliver a fresh regional menu and are intent on sourcing produce direct from farmers within the Southern Harvest region including local teas, vegetables, meat and more…

APC14 menu

Sunday night: curry vegetables and rice, slow cooked braised beef, fruit salad.

Monday breakfast: bacon, eggs, cereal, fruit, porridge.
Monday lunch: cauliflower rice, roasted vegetables, bean and herb salad, fresh garden salad.
Monday dinner: roast chicken, vegetable ratatouille, rice pudding with berries.

Tuesday breakfast: sausages, eggs, fruit, cooked tomatoes and herbs.
Tuesday lunch: lamb curry, roasted vegetables, roasted pumpkin and herb salad.
Tuesday dinner: vegetable frittata, lentil and couscous salad, garden salad, stewed fruits.

Wednesday breakfast: eggs, bacon, fruits, cooked tomatoes and spinach.
Wednesday lunch: Asian vegetable stir-fry & rice, salads.
Wednesday dinner: BBQ sausages, beef skewers, rissoles, salads and apple crumble.

Thursday breakfast: fruits, berries, porridge, cereals.
Thursday lunch: build your own rolls, wraps, sandwiches.

Fresh fruit and biscuits available for tea breaks.

If you have produce to include in the menu, read more about our produce callout.

Lets help celebrate our regions’ food!

More information on catering

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