Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Bega Valley Tour

2 days, 6 properties

Bega Valley Tour – 2 days 20 and 21 April 2018

2 Day Tour of 6 properties in the Bega Valley

DATES: 2 days! Friday the 20th of April and Saturday the 21st, just after the convergence!

2 Day Tour of 6 properties in the Bega Valley including overnight stay at The Crosssing

Saarinen Organics Permaculture Farm – Wyndham

Kay and  Gregg

With 15 years of system testing and creating zones, in the hills of the Sapphire Coast, Bega Valley. This Permaculture farm is forever evolving. Though mature gardens make the farm a haven as well.
Permaculture to Kay and Gregg is being sustainable with not only food and power but income as well. Growing their  fresh herbs on this Permaculture Eco Farm, they value add and make their all natural skin care range, herbal tinctures, infusions and extractions from scratch, on the farm with solar power.
Employing locals, buying local ingredients, strengthening the local community the Permaculture way.

Emerald Springs Farm      1952 Myrtle Mountain Rd, Candelo

Bruce and Heidi Davison

Bruce and Heidi purchased a 155 ha farm in 1997 that historically was a beef and sheep farm for 170 years. The stock were watered in creeks and the land was very degraded. Their intention was to control grazing, install off creek watering, improve soil fertility and pasture quality, and to plant trees for shade, shelter and to improve ecosystem function. To date they have installed a reticulated trough system, built 45 paddocks, bred up a herd of goats for weed control, a herd of beef cattle and planted 12,000 trees. Their focus now is restoring soil fertility using mainly but not exclusively organic fertilizers and pasture cropping to increase organic matter in the soil.

The Crossing       392 Nutleys Creek Rd, Bermagui

Dean and Annette Turner

The Crossing is a not-for-profit, environment education camp that offers a variety of programs focused on young people aged 12 to 24. The property is nestled between forests, farmland and the river in the hinterland near the coastal town of Bermagui. Permaculture was the design framework for The Crossing that includes extensive water harvesting, an active solar power system and integrated food and poultry systems.

Brogo Permaculture Gardens         397 Hawks Head Rd, Brogo.

John and Sharon Champagne

Permaculture self-reliance on acres. John and Sharon left Melbourne 24 years ago and settled on 11 acres of weed infested cow paddock country in the hills of Brogo. They built a passive solar mudbrick house and extensive food gardens as they raised their 5 children. Features include the use of earthworks for recharge irrigation, shelterbelt design to modify climate and over 70 different fruit and nut species.

Bend Neighbourhood Association         16 Millowine Lane,Bega

Bend is an eco-neighbourhood on the edge of the township of Bega. It’s a housing sub-division that incorporated permaculture principles into its overall design framework under the Community Titles Act of NSW. They value environmental sustainability, social diversity, food production and energy conservation. All the housing at Bend include passive solar design, composting toilets, rainwater harvesting and solar hot water. Community ownership includes conservation areas, certified organic agricultural land as well as neighbourhood firefighting, photovoltaic and greywater recycled systems.

Van Tholen Family Property        360 Reedy Swamp Rd, Reedy Swamp.

This 5 acre property was sub divided from the surrounding larger farm that historically consisted of dairy and beef cattle grazing. Now, 13 years later, three separate houses are occupied by 3 generations of the Van Tholen family with the aim of both self-reliance and small scale commercial food production. The low cost housing is a feature that includes a ‘Tiny House’ with all housing using passive solar design principles and recycled building materials. Food production includes a large variety of fruit trees, vegetables and aquaculture systems. 

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