Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

APC14 topics

Something for everyone!

APC14 Topics – something for everyone

If the ethics and principles of permaculture appeal to you, you are very welcome to attend. Please feel free to contact us if you are uncertain on apcfourteen(at)

Costa Georgiadis will be our main MC during the convergence bringing his awesome knowledge and personality to us!

Go here for the full program including timing

Sunday 15 April

Dinner 6.30-7.30pm followed by Keynote: Mariam Issa – Resilient Aspiring Women


APC14 Convergence Day One – Monday 16 April

Welcome Costa Georgiadis

Welcome to Country: Wally Bell

Keynote address:  Bruce Pascoe

Robin Clayfield: Fast Tracking Change with social Permaculture

Ben Habib: Permaculture as an international social movement

Annaliese Hordern: Amazon Calling

Rob Gourlay: Health and Structured Water

Callum Champagne: Farm Manager -Green Connect: Growing Food, Growing Community, Growing Jobs

Shaoying Wang (1): Permaculture in Rural China

Eunice Lesboa Neves: Permaculture Research Tour

Dan Palmer: Making Permaculture Stronger

Ego Lemos: Timor Leste Permaculture in Schools Program

Rob Ellis (TBC):

Erin Young:  Cultivating Your Group Ecology

Aaron Sorenson: School Food Gardens: Living Classroom Illawarra – A fifteen year retrospective

Robina McCurdy: Connectivity across the spectrum

Dr Keri Chiveralls: From Earthships to Treechange: Researching PermaCULTURE

Lizzie Smith: Creating Bigger Opportunities for Permaculture

Rachel Pontin:  Non Violent Communication Basic

Erin Young: Folk Forum Session

Facilitated Sharing Circle for APC participants

David Holmgren: Keynote: RetroSuburbia: a permaculture plan for Australia’s residential heartlands.

Pip Magazine Awards: Pip Permie of the Year and Pip Best Permie Project award

Permaculture Australia Elders Awards

APC14 Convergence Day Two – Tuesday

Tammi Jonas: Keynote :The Importance Of Connectivity For A Healthy And Resilient Food System And Community, With A Focus On How Csa Does This.

Chris Curtis: A birds eye view- drones, permaculture and mapping

Robin Clayfield:  Creative Permaculture    Education is positive change   in action

Virginia Solomon: Where are the jobs in permaculture

Ross Mars: APT VET Programs- education at its sustainable best

Bunya Halasz: Successional Agriculture, Syntropic Farming and Food Forestry – Getting down to the details of working with succession for Mega Productivity!

Lizzy Smith: Risk management for Food Producers

April Sampson-Kelly Advanced Permaculture Design Methodology:

Robyn Rosenfeldt  : Women as Change Agents  Panel Discussion

Ellyn Bicknell and Samantha Hawker: Biotanima Flow

David Holmgren and Beck Lowe: Spreading the retrosuburbia word-workshop for  permaculture educators

Cecilia Macaulay: Design Your Home For Successful Living

Shaoying Wang (2): Permaculture in Rural China

Jillian Hovey  (TBC): Needs, Yields, Behaviours & Characteristics of Humans: Powerful Design Tool for Self, Groups, and Whole Communities

Erin Young: Effective Collectives with Sociocracy

Dr Keri Chiveralls: Permaculture for Education in Higher Education

Lis Bastian: Permaculture and The Big Fix

Susan Hutchinson: Designing fruit tree guilds in the context of a food forest lecture followed by workshop

Peter Axisa: Waste to revenue

James Innes, Penny Kothe and others – Southern Harvest Ass.: Growing, nurturing and connecting regional food communities

Lizzie Smith: Meaning, Connectivity and Wellbeing

Kevin Cox (TBC): Permaculture and New Economy Network Australia

Karen Dahl: Bee Keeping in the City

Erin Young: Folk Forum Session

Facilitated Sharing Circle for APC participants

Jillian Hovey: International Slideshow Odyssey: Permaculture & Ecovillage Projects from Around the World

The Gypsy Jazz Project-Venue TBA

APC14 Convergence Day Three – Wednesday 18 April

CHARLIE MASSY-KEYNOTE: Regenerating Earth and Landscape Literacy

Rowan Reid: Growing Trees for Conservation and Profit

Ego Lemos and Laclan McKenzie: Launch of Tropical Guide to Permaculture

Samantha Hawker,Frank Deveson, and  Pip and Ted Deveson: AWOL: Another Way of Living – Intergenerational opportunities

David Watson: Millpost: Book Launch

Dan Palmer: Living Design Process

Sam Nishanian: A New Model of Governance:

Panel-Colin Endean Facilitating: Pre 1788 Aboriginal Land Management & Culture to Permaculture Design & Practice.- Relevance, influence and understanding

Bunya Halasz and Flavia Assuncao: MST and Agroforestry in Brazil – Revolutionary Land and Social Reform made successful through the processes of Successional Agroforestry

Ant Wilson (facilitator): Panel Discussion Connecting existing conventional orchardists to sustainable permaculture practices

Cecilia Macauley: Create A Supportive Social Habitat

Robina McCurdy: The Power of Seed Sovereignty

Erin Young: Sharing Circles for connected folk

Permaculture Australia: AGM

Graeme George: A permaculture syllabus for South Eastern Australia

Guy Stewart: Permaculture and Power

John McKenzIe: Permaculture and community empowerment in aid and development projects

Angela Knock: How building with hemp can create healthy, sustainable homes and improve land and nature stewardship.

Penny Kothe: Sustainable Small Farms – in all senses of the word

Next APC-Where will it be held

Emilie Charles and Yoann Tocquet: Lindy hop dancing- Let’s bounce, groove and get crazy together!

Erin Young: Folk Forum Session

Facilitated Sharing Circle for APC participants

Nick Ritar and Beck Lowe: Permaquiz

Film: The Simple Life-happenfilms

Blackboard Event-Near Chai Tent

A time to sing, dance, tell a story, ??


APC14 Convergence Day Four– Thursday  19 April

David Holmgren: Closing Talk

Permaculture Australia:  Launch: Open Permaculture Gardens and Farms Program

Permaculture Australia:  Member Benefits Brainstorm

James Innes and Lisa Porter        Monitoring for Success: Recording your Permaculture Journey

Karen Dahl: Aquaculture in the City

Bio Regional Meetup

Permaculture Australia: An Advisory Council to work with Permaculture Australia

Permaculture Australia:  (Accredited Permaculture Training Question and Answer Session

Annaliese Hordern: Permaculture Plants ~ A Green Harvest Selection

Jasmine Steer: permaculture wiki (workshop)

Samantha Hawker and Frank Deveson: AWOL: Another Way of Living: Spending time instead of money

Penny Kothe: Connecting Local Networks

John McKenzie: Permafund- It’s about Fair Share

Peter Axisa (2): Waste to revenue

Meet with the after APC tour organisers for final questions and organization

Robin Clayfield: Final wrapup: Jump

Go here for the full program including timing

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