Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Call for submissions

Requirements and guidance for submitting papers, presentations or workshops...

Call for submissions APC14

We currently have over 40 submissions to present at the 2018 14th Australasian Permaculture Convergence, however we need more demonstrations and workshops – not just presentations please!

In order to plan an exciting and engaging program, we are extending submissions to 1 January 2018! so get in quick!

We need you to make APC a great event!

The APC 14 organising committee extends an invitation to all permies, young and old, experienced and just starting out to share ideas, passions, experience, stories, creativity and commitment to a better world through permaculture at APC 14 in Canberra.

Presentations, panels, workshops, activities, performance, posters, video, art work, permaculture designs (see below) and any other forms of expression on all aspects of permaculture are welcome.

Submit a half page abstract outlining your ideas to the selection panel which will review all submissions and choose those that will complement each other and provide balance, depth and spread to discussion on the theme of the convergence.

The overall theme for APC14 is Connectivity. The permaculture flower is used to guide sub-themes
The seven domains are as follows (more detail is provided on the sub-theme for submissions page):

  1. Land and Nature Stewardship
  2. Land Tenure and Community Governance
  3. Built Environment
  4. Tools and Technology
  5. Culture and Education
  6. Health and Wellbeing
  7. Economics and Finance.

To further explore the idea of connectivity, we are particularly interested in hearing from people who may be able to offer information and insight into:

  • How can we ensure connectivity across people of all ages in our increasingly ‘nuclear family’ arrangement…?
  • How do we ensure international and regional connectivity in a sustainable world?
  • How we can improve connectivity across all levels of society?
  • How can we connect with others to engage in permaculture?
  • What are your ideas for maintaining social connectivity in the modern capitalist world?

A feature of APC14 will be gallery spaces for designers to showcase their work, from sketched to computer-generated designs, photos and photo sequences. This is intended to serve three key objectives:

  •  an opportunity to explore and discuss the design techniques and approaches with fellow designers
  • an interface for others to gain more insight into the breadth and depth of Permaculture design
  • a celebration of the scope of Permaculture design applications.

You will need to submit an application to reserve a gallery space and will be able to set it up on Sunday prior to the convergence. We will need to know your space and other requirements e.g. power in order to allocate a suitable space. The idea is that the display areas are open for viewing during convergence hours.

Permaculture Festival –Sunday 15th April

A number of workshops are planned for the public Permaculture Expo on Sunday 15 April. You are invited to offer to run a hands-on workshop on some aspect of permaculture practice. Your session should be informative and engaging, as we anticipate people with little permaculture background may attend.

Important dates and guidelines for submissions

Please outline your presentation in 150 – 200 words. Include:

  • presenter’s name(s)
  • working title
  • if a panel, include the names of panel members
  • the domain(s) and cross cutting themes your content will mainly focus on
  • type of presentation (discussion, participatory group work, hands-on, lecture, experiential, mixed, other)
  • any technology or other resources required (eg data projector, music, access to outside areas etc)
  • limits (if any) on numbers attending
  • anything else we should know
  • presentations should be either 25 minutes or 45 minutes. Please indicate the length of your presentation, with final time determined once all submissions provided and the timetable is developed.

1 January: Abstract Deadlines due
15 January : Notification of acceptance
15 February Final papers/outlines due for publishing etc.


  • presentations and final submissions of full paper will only be accepted from participants who have formally enrolled in the convergence, so you will need to ensure you have registered and paid by 15 February 2018 to be included
  • your full paper, presentation or workshop outline and outcomes must be submitted by 15 February to enable all presentations to be published and made available to participants at APC14
  • deadlines will be strictly adhered to
  • send your information by completing the form below or via email to APC14 at

Abstract submissions are now open: