Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Social Permaculture – Robin Clayfield and Robina McCurdy

Social Permaculture Course at AWOL in Wamboin (only 25mins from Canberra) immediately after the APC.

Dates:6pm Friday 20 April til 5pm Sunday 22 April
Venue: AWOL, Another Way Of Living, Wamboin, NSW

Teachers:  Robin-clayfield Robina-mccurdy

SOCIAL PERMACULTURE can be viewed as the application of permaculture principles and design methodology to the creation of a sustainable society. It is at the cutting edge of permaculture, and your tutors are pioneers in this field..

Permaculture Principles become especially valuable and inspiring when used to design our groups, learning environments and social systems. When groups work effectively and harmoniously together towards the aims and purpose of the group, our world and the environment benefits and so does each individual. Robin has pioneered Social Permaculture around the world and brings her passion for creating deep change through effective, dynamic group work and co-operation between groups. Robina has considerable experience in using social permaculture as the core foundation of her landuse design consultancies, from housing clusters in ecovillages, to outdoor classrooms in school yards. Her facilitation is always aimed at building community.

On this transformational personal and collective adventure, we will co-create a culture that engages, enables and empowers, whilst embracing diversity and deepening connections. The wisdom of the group will help shape our learnings, through the cross fertilisation of best practices. You will leave this course with a deep understanding of how groups function and a packed solutions-based facilitation toolbox to apply in your community development work.

This workshop is based at AWOL: Another Way of Living, a family-built learning and living environment  where the residents are playing with their intergenerational opportunities.

Topics include:

  • Using the Principles of Permaculture and how they apply to social change
  • Fluency in using Permaculture Principles for social permaculture design and people care
  • Interactive experience and communication
  • Building group effectiveness and supporting the purpose of the group
  • Group Dynamics and Groupwork skills
  • Motivation and confidence to act for change and be involved in group activities

Course Price: $300 – $475 sliding scale to suit your affordability. Payment plans are available.

Catering: The course will be fully catered with a wholesome lunch, morning and afternoon snacks as well as tea and coffee.

Camping is available at the venue, including locally sourced breakfast and dinner. Add $70 to the Course Price.


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