Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

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The schedule may need to be adjusted due to any unexpected events such as cancellations. The closer we get to the Convergence, the more fixed the program will become…


Day 1
16 Apr 2018
Day 2
17 Apr 2018
Day 3
18 Apr 2018
Day 4
19 Apr 2018

Bruce Pascoe – Agriculture or Accident

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Bruce Pascoe

Tammi Jonas – The importance of connectivity for a healthy and resilient food system and community

Former vegetarian academic Tammi Jonas is resident meatsmith at Jonai Farms, where she and her family of ethicurean farmers raise pastured rare-breed Large Black pigs and cattle on 69 acres of volcanic paddocks in the central highlands of Victoria, Australia. After being the first farm in Australia to crowdfund major infrastructure in 2013 to build a licensed butcher’s shop on the farm, the Jonai succeeded again in 2014 and built a licensed curing room and commercial kitchen to make farmstead cured meats and a range of charcuterie, as well as bone stocks and lard-based soap, to ultimately deliver a full nose to tail no-waste offering. ‘Waste’ from the boning room is transformed into bonechar and used in the farm’s garden beds, which produced their first commercial garlic crop in 2017. The Jonai achieved their goal of full reliance on their paddocks and so-called ‘waste stream’ feed – spent brewers’ grain...
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Tammi Jonas

Dr Charles Massy – Regenerating Earth & Landscape Literacy

The Earth and its functional systems have entered the Anthropocene epoch. We know industrial agriculture is a key factor in damaging most of these systems. But we also know a regenerative agriculture can provide solutions. Such solutions won’t come top-down, from the ruling power-bases of industrial, growth-based society. They need to be bottom-up, comprising an underground insurgency: and an insurgency that involves urban and rural societies in regenerating healthy landscapes and thus healthy food, leading to healthy people, societies and planet. To achieve this we need to gain ecological literacy: that is, an understanding of how landscapes function, and thus the capacity to ‘read’ them and take informed, corrective action if needed. Dr Massy will outline such a simple pathway and model, and so the principles of landscape and garden design embedded in Permaculture are integral to helping instigate this underground insurgency. ‘You cannot damage what you are dependent upon...
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Dr Charles Massy

David Holmgren – RetroSuburbia: a permaculture plan for Australia’s residential heartlands.

RetroSuburbia is more than a book, it is a strategy to build on the diverse legacies, projects and people applying permaculture ethics and principles across the diverse residential landscapes in Australia and New Zealand where a combination of detached dwellings, productive private space and public land can allow residents to provide for household needs, improve resilience to multiple emergent threats, nurture community cohesion and kick start the local economy. David Holmgren builds on lessons from four decades of permaculture design, teaching, practise and activism to explain the factors that could allow an order of magnitude larger change in our residential heartlands to; Replicate and adapt existing models of retrosuburban household systems Contribute to the next scale of self organisation; local community economy and self governance Support and defend gains against likely pushback by centralised systems that stand to lose power and market share. In a world where environmental and social...
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David Holmgren
Day 1
22 Feb 2018
Day to be determined