Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Annaliese Hordern – Amazon Calling

Annaliese Hordern – Amazon Calling


The Amazon Rainforest contains around 40,000 species of edible, medicinal and everyday useful plants, plus an extraordinary range of rare and unusual wildlife and is home to 400 indigenous tribes whom hold an extraordinary ethnobotanical knowledge base. A few of these tribes remain uncontacted.

The life sustaining systems that operate in tropical rainforests are vital to healthy forest ecology and are intrinsically linked to our global climate stability.

Annaliese Hordern presents a fascinating account of the Amazon rainforest, inviting us to discover, remember and value this rich biodiversity, towards improved conservation of the lungs of our planet and to protect its rich ethnobotanical and cultural medicine.

After experiencing the Amazon herself and conserving rainforest, Annaliese has been encouraged to speak on behalf of indigenous people who can’t share directly with you, of the beauty and the threat of this incredible and wild Jungle.

Annaliese is a Permaculture educator and ethnobotanical researcher, currently working with Green Harvest in Maleny QLD, propagating edible and medicinal plants of cultural significance. See more of her work at