Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Annaliese Hordern – Permaculture Plants ~ A Green Harvest Selection

Annaliese Hordern – Permaculture Plants ~ A Green Harvest Selection

In Permaculture we often talk about the “layers” or composition of plant species that make up a healthy forest ecosystem. As we become familiar with the functions plants can offer, we have a greater ability to design for smarter living that encounters nature, mimics natural systems, harvest multiple yields and benefits, while creating the conditions for ecology around us to thrive.

In this interactive session we shall explore a selection of plants that Annaliese propagates at Green Harvest – Australia’s premier supplier of edible, rare and useful plants for our Permaculture living landscapes. Check out our top favourite botanicals for building soil, providing herbaceous medicine, leafy green ground covers, fruiting shrubs, productive trees, aquatic plants and delightful flowers that are edible, attract predator pests and assist pollination.

Bring along your knowledge of key Permaculture plants to share.

Annaliese is a Permaculture educator and ethnobotanical researcher, currently working with Green Harvest in Maleny QLD, propagating edible and medicinal plants of cultural significance. See more from Annaliese at