Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Guy Stewart – Permaculture and Power

Guy Stewart – Permaculture and Power

This is a high-level facilitated discussion about Power, (Renewable) Energy, Community Development and Permaculture.
The 25 minute discussion will be facilitated by Guy Stewart. Guy is Chairman of the Rainbow Power Company, Community Development Worker at Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre, PDC trainer at Djanbung Gardens and was a director of Permaculture Australia. He has also presented at 3 previous APC’s in Kuranda, Penguin and Turangi.
The range of conversation will span from the individual, community, national and global.
Guy has worked with Enova Energy (Australia’s first community owned electricity retailer), Lismore City Council’s 100% renewable target, the Nimbin Community Solar Farm, designed 100’s of off grid systems and lived with solar panels and batteries for over 10 years.

Seventy-Five Percent of coal generators in Australia have exceeded their design life. These assets have been powering our society for nearly 50 years. With the market failure around greenhouse gas emissions and coal, we are at a crucial moment of crisis and opportunity.

The design choices that we make at the every level of our society today will have serious impacts for generations to come. Do we focus on our life rafts, change the rules of the game or begin literally chaining ourselves to the cogs of the machine?

Permaculture needs to present a range of solutions from long shot energy revolutions, to changing the rules of how our grid operates. Guy Stewart will facilitate a sophisticated discussion and development of policy outcomes and recommendations for these far reaching issues.

If you are a deep systems thinker that enjoys unpacking complex problems and arriving at actionable solutions to improve life on this planet, then come along, learn and contribute.

Energy Literacy is assumed prior knowledge, but don’t let that deter you!