Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Southern Tablelands Tour

Southern Tablelands Tour

DATES: Friday 20th April

Triple Tablelands Tour – AWOL, Roogulli Farm, Caroola Farm

This tour provides you with practical examples of what works in our cold climate (with hot dry summers) from a sustainable building and integrated farming perspective. We travel from the Wamboin escarpment, through Bywong to the eastern side of the great dividing range, looking at the diversity of integrated permaculture food production and simple living activities can be achieved on small scale, poor soil and low rainfall farms.


AWOL: Another Way of Living is a family-built learning and living environment where the residents are playing with their intergenerational opportunities. 

Pip and Ted bought the 20 acre bush lifestyle block in 1992, with conservation as the main intention and a bit of food growing too. Throughout the years the orchard and veggie garden have grown and so have the three sons. The eldest son, Frank moved back with his partner Sam in 2014, helping to build a modest ($50, 000, 100m2) solar passive cottage for his parents. Sam and Frank moved into the main house in 2016 and have been expanding the food growing in the backyard, putting together the garden kitchen as well as renovating to have more solar passivity, larger kitchen and a useable space for courses and events.

At AWOL, you’ll see a solar passive cottage, built from many recycled materials, t

he main house, retrofitted with a verytiny budget, integration of food growing and living space including the garden kitchen with our rocket stove, the worm farm waste system, 3 acre kangaroo-proof fence and more, all set amongst the biodiverse bushland.



Roogulli Farm

Visit this small farm (10 hectares) in Bywong near Bungendore where you will be shown many design ideas and techniques related to gardens and small scale farming that have been trialled. The tour includes

  • Kitchen Garden with polytunnel and wicking beds
  • Food Forest incorporating fruit trees, swales, chop and drop acacia mulch, poultry and a fragrant Bath House
  • Terrace Garden where heirloom tomatoes are grown for sale at the Bungendore Farmers Market
  • House Garden built with salvaged and recycled materials and planted with native grassland plants with no artificial irrigation
  • animal grazing systems with alpacas, llamas and sheep
  • Roogulli Babydoll Southdown sheep micro stud
  • shelterbelts and a trial native forage shrub grazing system
  • creek rehabilitation – a collaborative project with our neighbours
  • energy efficient house and office including internal mudbrick walls, composting toilet, gravity feed water supply and off grid solar power

A picnic lunch using produce from Roogulli Farm and other local producers is included.

Caroola Farm

Visit this 40 hectare farm at Mulloon, between Bungendore and Braidwood where you’ll be shown how permaculture principles have been used to de


velop a small, sustainable working farm supplying a range of certified organic produce to lo


cal farmers markets and food box customers.


The tour includes

  • Windbreaks and pasture improvement including Oak/Hazel dehesa and Yeomans plowing
  • Cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens and ducks and how these are used within the farm
  • Vegetable growing systems including shade areas, polytunnel and market gardens
  • Solar electricity/battery system
  • Natural buildings
  • Forest gardens
  • Farm shop




COST: $120 per person per day [excludes accommodation and evening meal] includes minibus transportation to the farm and a homegrown lunch. Tour departs 9am from Kingston Train Station and Returns approx. 5pm.

CONTACT: Penny Kothe,

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