Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

April Sampson-Kelly

April Sampson-Kelly



April Sampson-Kelly is the co-founder and Managing Director of Permaculture Visions, a world-wide non-government , self-funded and self directed permaculture teaching project. In 2015 she was awarded the honour of being a Permaculture Elder (APC12 Tasmania).

April is passionate about collecting and sharing permaculture information and experiences with people of all backgrounds to demonstrate how isolated people and marginalized land can be become abundant producers.

She has a lively history of educating and entertaining people with a strong academic background in Science, Analysis and the Arts [Ass. Dip in Performing Arts (APCA), Bachelor and Masters in Creative Arts; and Post-grad Dip in Biomedical Science].

April grew up in a very energetic, artistic, crafty, musical and political family. Her childhood was spent close to nature in a lush garden and the bush.  She has continued this lifestyle by developing the biggest permaculture food forest in her region. Performing, drawing and photographing impulsively, she values the arts to “keep her happy and able to tackle dark realities of human greed and climate change”.

Her work in the arts has enabled her to explore a wide range of teaching strategies. “A picture tells a thousand words, yes,.. and a schematic tells a thousand more…the arts can empassion people and invite them to engage in confronting political issues.”

The charter of Permaculture Visions, begun in 1993, is to serve help people in isolated (physically or socially) communities become productive through permaculture strategies. Permaculture Vision’s use of student-focused learning enabled the teaching project to flourish.

She is inspired by the potential of online training and mentoring to meet the urgent needs of indigenous and isolated people worldwide and values the re-education of woman as a powerful key to addressing destructive capitalism. April supports quiet achievers, the people who live each day aiming to reduce their consumption and increase their contribution to the production of regional food, knowledge and wisdom. April’s has trained many of the finest permaculture leaders in the world. April has developed the following initiatives:

April is no giant but has had a lot of design experience from commercial sites through to tiny designs. She is a prolific permaculture illustrator published internationally. April lives with her partner Paul in Wollongong. Paul is an international eco-engineer. He designs for a world-leading recycling steel plant. They lounge about in their beautiful, abundant permaculture jungle. Sometimes they go on adventures to see other permaculture gardens.  April has a background in music and science. She has been researching, photographing and no-digging since 1993.

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