Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Callum Champagne

Callum Champagne


Having grown up on Brogo Permaculture Gardens, a Permaculture demonstration site on the Far South Coast of NSW, Cal was brought up on permaculture principles from a young age.

After moving to Wollongong to formally study ( Bachelor of Arts – geosciences and sociology, Master of Science – Sustainability ), Cal began to further hone his hands-on skills at the North Wollongong Community Garden and the Warrawong High School Living Classroom gardens. In 2012 he spent a year abroad working on organic farms and sustainability projects throughout Europe and India.

Cal’s support work in Elemental Permacultures’ 2013 PDC led to his involvement with Green Connect. Green Connect is a social enterprise that recovers waste and produces fair food – working with and employing former refugees and young people to achieve this.

Cal manages Green Connect’ ‘Urban Grown’ farm, a 12 acre site located adjacent to Warrawong high school. All physical and management systems at Urban Grown are designed through the lens of permaculture. The farm boasts a commercial market garden, integrated poultry and pig systems, a 300 plus tree food forest, and expansive creek line restoration works.

The farms community supported agriculture model feeds over 110 households with a weekly supply of chemical free vegies and herbs, and it employs and trains former refugees and young people.

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