Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Ego Lemos

Ego Lemos


Ego Lemos works as the National Adviser on Curriculum Development for Basic Education on Arts & Culture and Permaculture School Gardens, for the Ministry of Education of Timor-Leste.  He is also a lecturer in Sustainable Agriculture and Public Arts & Culture at the University of Timor-Letse.  He has received several international awards for his national contribution to music, art & culture and community development.

Ego is the founder-coordinator of the Sustainable Agriculture Network and Organic Agriculture Movement in Timor-Letse. He is also the founder-coordinator of Permaculture Timor-Letse (PERMATIL), as well as the founder-counselor of PERMASCOUT and PERMA-YOUTH movements.

He co-authored ‘Permaculture Gardens for Kids’ produced by PERMATIL, and ‘A Tropical Permaculture Guidebook’ (www.permaculture  He is sole author of the ‘Training Manual for Agro-biodiversity in Timor-Leste (GIZ-AMBERO) and National Curriculum for Basic Education Grad 1 – 6 (Min of Edn).

Ego holds a Diploma of Permaculture Design (Permaculture Institute of Australia) and certificates in Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MDF Pacfic-Indonesia Consultancy) and Integrating Nutrition in Primary Education Curriculum (FAO). His Ted Talk: Ego Lemos/TEDxDili ‘School Gardening to Tackle Malnutrition’ illustrates why embodying permaculture within the school curriculum is so important.

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