Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Eunice Lisboa Neves

Eunice Lisboa Neves


Eunice is passionate about the limitless possibilities of ecological design and grassroots cooperation, towards a thriving future for the planet and all beings.

Trained in landscape architecture by the University of Oporto, she worked in Portugal and Holland with private gardens, public spaces and urban planning. She left Holland in 2009 to volunteer in an ecological village in Nepal, an experience that changed her perception of the world and her profession, introducing her to permaculture.

Since then, she has been fully committed to gaining knowledge and experience in permaculture design. She has taken numerous courses with world experts, developed several design projects, organized and facilitated various trainings and events. She also believes permaculture design is the future of landscape architecture and urban planning and is been trying to take this new ideas to her University.

In 2015-2016, Eunice embarked on an independent & crowdfunded research around the world to look at mature permaculture projects. She worked and lived with various Permaculture Pioneers, studying in depth their projects and ways of living. Currently she is writing various research materials that intend to share the knowledge and wisdom of the pioneers with less experienced permaculture designers, so they can fast track their regenerative actions around the world.

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