Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Graeme George

Graeme George


Graeme lives on a 5 ha property near Healesville in the Yarra Valley where he runs a small market garden and heritage fruit orchard in a bushland setting. He has a background in conservation biology and the captive breeding of endangered wildlife. Since completed his PDC in 1993 he has delivered or taught on  60 PDCs and has used that experience to coordinate the development of the bioregionally-focussed “Syllabus for Permaculture Design in South-eastern Australia”. He was a founder of the Permaculture Yarra Valley in 1992 and the Healesville Organic Farmers Market in 2004 and assisted in the establishment of local enterprises — the local Community Bank and Community Garden.

He developed and for several years taught Permaculture by distance education as a second year subject for Charles Sturt University’s degree in Ecological Agriculture based at Orange. He has been a Seed Saver for many years, and is also a member of local environment and landcare groups and national scientific societies. His publications on the evolution, zoogeography and conservation of New Guinea’s marsupials earned him a Master of Applied Science degree in 1994.

Graeme has a passionate interest in the application of permaculture concepts to land use patterns and the development of a common pattern language for permaculture. In 2014 he helped found the professional Permaculture Educators Guild to further the development of PDC curriculum materials for bio-regional use.

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