Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Rob Gourlay

Rob Gourlay


Robert C Gourlay, RFD, B.App.Sc., M.App.Sc. Company Director and Environmental Research Scientist

Rob is the Managing Director of Resonate Research Pty Ltd (, Orbtek Pty Ltd and Environmental Research and Information Consortium Pty Ltd (ERIC, and a principal environmental scientist specialising in biological research, water structure science, resource assessment and management.

Rob has professional experience since 1992 in biological research and consultancy in natural resource assessment and management, technology innovation and application in the areas of remotely sensed data, soil and water management, biological farming and trace mineral applications.  Rob lead the world leading development and application of techniques in the use of airborne radiometric data for mapping salinity, other soil properties and minerals.  He also pioneered a new mapping technique in the location of deep, fractured rock groundwater sources.

Rob has extensive experience in environmental research and technology innovation in relation to biological farming.  This includes the issues of food security and integrity (nutrition), water structure and alternative energy security through his products and services at

His knowledge base and services include:

•        Resource assessment for industry including mining and agriculture

•        Deep groundwater exploration

•        Enterprise site selection based on resource assessment

•        Development and application of soil microbial balancing techniques and technology, including soil reclamation

•        Soil carbon sequestration techniques and measurement

•        Development and application of biological farming formulations and fermentation techniques

•        Development of patented devices to restructure water to permanent negative charge

•        Development of devices to measure food, water and soil health

•        Development of bio-conversion systems to support alternative energy production waste steams (eg. conversion of distiller’s grain from ethanol plants to soil conditioners)

•        Development of technologies for conditioning and treatment of waste water and seawater

•        Human and animal health measures

Professional Alliances, Honours and Awards

•        2002-2006: Board member of the Australian National Biocentre (Australian National Sustainability Initiative- ANSI (

•        2002-2005: Board member of Zero Waste Australia.

•        2003-2010: Board member of Healthy Soils Australia (

•        Recognised in the prestigious 1999 Australian Technology Awards as a one of three finalists in the category of Contribution to Enhancement of the Environment and was awarded the ACT Governments 2001 R&D Grants award for the Best Emerging Environmental Product and Service.

•        Reserve Force Decoration (RFD), Australian Defence Medal and National Service Medal.

Robert Gourlay is the Managing Director and Chief Scientist of Orbtek Pty Ltd (, Resonate Research Pty Ltd ( and Environmental Research and Information Consortium Pty Ltd (ERIC, specialising in biological research and resource assessment and management. Rob has extensive experience in biological research, and is an acknowledged expert in natural resource assessment and management, soil and water management, as well as biological farming and trace mineral applications. The security and integrity of food, water, and alternative energy are all issues very much alive in Rob’s work. Since 2000, Rob has developed and

commercialised a wide range of biological formulations for soil, plants, water and air, including probiotics for animals and humans. He has also pioneered and developed a world leading, patented technology for the conditioning of water structure, including treatment of waste water. The

MEA water website at provides over 20 essays written by Robert Gourlay (Chief Scientists of Phión) about structured water and over 300 experiments undertaken by Phión’s research companies to prove MEA water devices will restructure water to hold a permanent negative charge (-mV).   Rob would like to offer a 45-minute lecture on Sustainable Living with a focus on health and wellbeing, addressing the topic of using structured water and biology in the production of nutrient dense food, and relating this as a best practice solution to facilitate positive environmental, health and welling changes.

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