Australasian Permaculture Convergence 14 (APC14)

Shaoying Wang

Shaoying Wang


Shaoying was born in and grown up in rural China with deep bond to the land and its people. She has gone through China’s economic development and witnessed sad environmental damages and social change to rural China. She has obtained PDC and practices permaculture on her Goulburn farm. Through her years of experience in QLD, ACT, TAS, she’s observed many nature-friendly farming practices including natural sequence farming, holistic land management, and food forest.

Shaoying’s academic achievements include Masters in Environmental Education and Agribusiness and Bachelor in Economics. Shaoying has worked for Chinese local government, Australian Government and Australian local government in fields of economic development, environmental conservation and agriculture. Now she works for herself, with like-minded people, for healthier rural communities in China and Australia, including running tours to rural China and Australia.

Shaoying sees that the traditional Chinese farming practices and way of living is part of permaculture, little known to the world and little cherished, such traditional knowledge is worth being explored, shared and inherited.

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